The smart, simple operating system to grow your business.

Practi is a powerful, all-in-one operating system for restaurants.
Manage orders, payments and other day-to-day tasks in one, simple tool.

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Manage your business on one system

More than an EPOS system

From handling orders to managing staff and inventory, Practi brings all your business processes together.

  • Cloud-based system

  • Orders handling

  • Integrated payment solutions

  • Multi branch access

  • Table management

  • Employee management

  • Reports and analytics

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All your orders in one place

Practi comes integrated with Just Eat and other delivery aggregators.
You no longer need different devices for each individual provider, saving you precious time to focus on your customers and leaving you more space on the counter.

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Pay at the Table

Finding and retaining employees is hard. With Practi's "Pay at the Table" you can optimize your staff and operational cost along with providing outstading service to your customers.

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Manage your restaurant menus with ease

Managing your menus has never been easier. You can now update all your menus appearing in other platforms - such as Just Eat and other delivery aggregators - directly from Practi. Adding new menu items, changing prices and setting up offers and discounts can be done in a matter of minutes to keep your menu fresh and your business competitive.

Powerful insights at your fingertips

Transform your data into insights. Track your daily sales, and, in case you have multiple restaurants, the multi-store view allows you to see all your data in one place.

Manage your delivery drivers

Manage your delivery drivers in just a few clicks. Assign drivers to orders efficiently, and always know if the food has been delivered on time.

Create your own branded website

Make your restaurant stand out from the crowd with your own branded website. An additional opportunity to grow your business and reach out to more potential customers.

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Smooth communication with your kitchen

Say goodbye to paper tickets: handle all your incoming orders with our Kitchen Display System. Your orders appear automatically on a screen in your kitchen and, thanks to the clear color-coded system, your staff can manage all the orders easily.

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