A single source of the truth for your market place & shopping center.

Practi's cloud based solution is built to push your market place or shopping center to the 21st century. Built for personalized, smart way to manage your market place in real time. From your cohort of renters to your customers. 

Presence analytics and conversion

Ability to track your audience presence, passby, dwelling, purchases and conversions.

Optimize sales, moniotor & increase revenue share, innovative marketing, internal communications, real-time feedack on onlien and food traffic efforts and much more.

Personalised exprience for your market or shopping center's shoppers

Allow for a tailored experience for each shopper using our AI and big data expertise.

Location based award and alerts

Provide Personalised alerts, rewards and discounts depending on location within your shopping environment. Shift your visitors from one location to another and activate them to take action.

Loved by our Customers

"Practi added tremendous value to our ability to get deep real-time insights into our cohort of traders, customers and overall market behavior . Beyond the insights, it has provided us with efficiencies to easily manage and scale our market"

Head of Retail - Camden Market, London UK

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